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What is the minimal color palette that as long as we stick to it, then in general, there won't be any color contrast problems whatsoever?

I am not an ophthalmologist and not very familiar with color cognitive biases or blindnesses, so there might be a false premise in the following question or in possible discussions. I also don't ask ...
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How do I enhance the effect of trypophobia?

For a project using synthetic images (styleGAN to be precise), I'm looking at many different manifestations of an eye. Displaying them on a grid unintentionally created a trypophobia-like (fear of ...
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What resource to learn about the psychological effects of typography?

The recent questions I've asked all about how to achieve a special psychological effect in typography, and I think I need to have a better insights on the psychology of typography to effectively ...
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How to "italicize" a word in an italic context?

If you want to emphasize a word in a roman text, but don't want the effect last long in the readers, you make it italic. In an already italic paragraph, how do you make the same emphatic effect to ...
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