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A desktop publishing software that features a WYSIWYG editor. Runs on Mac OS and Windows.

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How to get original clipart from this scanned picture?

We are recreating a magazine from 1993. Original source files are lost and we want to get everything in best possible quality. This is an image scanned from the original magazine. It most likely comes ...
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Is QuarkXpress still relevant for manuscripts and books please? [duplicate]

I used QuarkXpress years ago when freelancing on a temporary basis with a local printer/publisher, when I edited manuscripts for local authors and developed the layouts. The version with which I am ...
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free software supported both ligatures and color fonts

I would like to prepare educational materials for children. Exactly what I mean is charts with alphabet letters and pictures. Such boards could be printed or shown as a multimedia presentation. The ...
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Is it possible to structure document for XML in QuarkXPress?

I need to tag elements of the QuarkXPress document with tags defined in XML DTD, so later on I should be able to export data to XML file. I know that this is possible and fairly easy done with ...
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Indesign Couple two paragraphs together [closed]

everytime I have to format text, I need that feature and I cannot find it. Situation 2 paragraphs: para1 para2 The logic should avoid that para1 is on site X and para2 is on site X+1 Does it ...
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Why are PDF/X files better than "standard" PDFs?

I have a friend who is also a graphic designer, has little experience in prepress, but has a nice portfolio and seems to have a good knowledge of using the Adobe products. I can't dismiss his opinion ...
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QuarkXpress shortcut for adding custom pagination

I'm creating a booklet in QuarkXpress and I have it set up for automatic pagination, but on some of the pages I want to make my own pagination (move to next column or next page). I used to be able ...
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Apply MasterPage to even pages in QuarkXpress

I have created a new project with automatic text box (non facing pages) and have created a second master page that I would now like to apply to all even pages. InDesign has this option when I right-...
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9 votes
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Is QuarkXpress still relevant?

I'm looking for jobs all over the interwebs and I keep seeing postings by companies saying that applicants need to be well versed in most Adobe creative solutions softwares and then QuarkXpress. But, ...
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Can text edits in QuarkXPress automatically replicate in a linked text source file?

Is there a way to import a text file into Quark in such a way so that if there are any spelling errors that are fixed in Quark they will also be updated in the original imported text file? Kind of ...
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Designing shape in InDesign - how to emulate effect from Quark XPress?

This is part of my original document from Quark XPress [Windows demo] (which I am recreating in InDesign, since I'm converting manually for now, I don't need Q2ID for now, since it's just a ...
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3 votes
6 answers

Software like InDesign or QuarkXPress to create instructional documents

I'm creating a booklet on teaching programming through examples and exercises. What's the best software for writing the pages? It'll be code examples, exercise questions and some diagrams. I'm new ...
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Convert Quark files to InDesign files

Is there a quick way to convert Quark files into Indesign without having Quark? I have InDesign CS4 and need to make changes to a Quark file.
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Halftone pattern within InDesign

One of QuarkXpress features I used a lot in the mid-nineties was the ability to apply an halftone pattern to any bitmap import. It was unbelievably effective when printing black&white graffiti ...
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Is Scribus a viable alternative to Quark or InDesign?

For someone who has worked in the professional publishing industry, I rely on InDesign and Photoshop for creating professional documents, even if they're as simple as a business card. Sometimes I don'...
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