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In color printing, registration is the method of correlating overlapping colors on one single image.

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Ok to go outside of the "imprint area"?

I'm designing a Koozie and did not get the printer's template until after most of my design was done. I thought staying 1/8 inch away from any cut lines would be fine, but when I lay their template ...
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In search of simple color position correction for comic books [closed]

Is there a very simple and basic program that will separate colors and let me shift the position of one or another? I'm looking at correcting old comic book panels which sometimes have a color way ...
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Please help, how to do off registration in Illustrator CS6?

I am trying to do an assignment and I need to do off registration. I cannot figure out how to get into the channels so I can move the colors to be off register. I can only figure out how to get into ...
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Color palette next to crop marks - function?

I'm wondering what the function of adding these color spectrums is? Attaching screenshot.
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Choosing placement of colorbar and registration marks in illustrator

In Illustrator's print dialog, I can choose trim marks and color bars, however it decides to place them outside of the print area. The print I'm working on will be die-cut and would like to move the ...
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