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Questions about digitally manipulating old documents, digitizing these and removing damage using computer software.

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What is the best way of restoring the level of brightness on an image?

I am trying to fix some really bad scanner work in some gaming cards that were done years ago. I would like to know which is the best way to adjust the brightness, levels, colors, etc, to be able to ...
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Photo restoration issue -- need suggestions

I have a photo I am trying to restore and it's badly faded, but also has splotchy stains on it, like it got wet in streaks while up against the glass of a frame. The faded part I can handle (more or ...
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Chromatic Aberration in Photo Colorization?

I'm looking at photos that have been restored by experts in this particular field. I've noticed some of the better ones have some chromatic aberration in their image like so: I'm wondering why they ...
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Trying to edit very old discolouration from old picture with Gimp

I have been restoring some old pictures using GIMP, and watching heaps of youtube videos. I purchased Topax DeNoise Al, which I found really great for removing noise. However, as you can see from the ...
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How to remove the paper texture of a photo on Gimp?

I'm trying to restore an old photo, but it has a lot of dots from the texture of the paper. I'd like to know if there's a way I can solve this without losing the quality. I thought about using the ...
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Photoshop - Extract fine text from image; extrapolate background behind text

I'll note outright that I'm new to Photoshop and that this may be a bigger question than I realize, but I appreciate any guidance. I've taken a scan of a water-damaged dust jacket for a book which I ...
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How to correct darkening damage to and old photograph?

This is a precious family photo, but it was stuck to the glass, resulting in this weird scan, which is all I have to work with. I can't figure out how to "reveal" the grandmother - I'm sure there's ...
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Separating two very close colors in GIMP (2.9)

I'm working on restoring an old drawing that wasn't stored properly. The paper (might be parchment) has yellowed, and the lines have faded. This results in the lines (the good part) being almost the ...
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2 answers

How to remove coloured degradation from old photo in GIMP

I have a lot of old photos in my family history file. The one I'm looking at has obviously suffered from some kind of degradation of the silver/silver chemicals: It has a sort of haze over parts of ...
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Restore very old photograph [closed]

I have a very old photograph that is scanned from a document dating to 1869. I do not have access to the source document. The image itself is very badly sampled and looks almost completely black. Can ...
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Restore image with negative colors

I have an image that was taken using a negative color filter long ago, but now I need the normal picture, is there a way to get a good quality of that picture with the actual colors? The current ...
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How to revive an old children's book?

I have a scan of an old children's book that contains both graphics and text. I want to revive the book for my children, while preserving as much as possible from the original layout and illustrations....
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