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A resumé is a document used by persons to present their backgrounds and skills. Resumés can be used for a variety of reasons, but most often they are used to secure new employment.

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In a resume, how to show "years of experience" instead of stars / progress bar, yet being eye-catching?

I'm building my resume, and I would like to put years of experience in a section called "Skills", for example, React, PHP, JavaScript, etc. I'm not sure about using Stars / Dots / Progress ...
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How to balance the satuations of the colour used in my design?

Hi there, we've been designing this to present our profiles for a while now. We just felt something might be off with the colour. Please let me know if you got any thoughts on any points to improve🙏🙏...
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Line lengths on paper for a resume layout

I want to layout a resume. The requirements slightly conflict, but are: On standard paper size (i.e. A4 as it happens) A lot of text Easy to read Few pages I especially want to ask about line ...
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How to show add number of years to the skills section on a resume [closed]

I have my primary skills listed as follow on resume (example), I want to make it more i̶n̶t̶e̶r̶a̶c̶t̶i̶n̶g̶ to the point and show the exact information recruiter wants to see e.g. number of years ...
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Which are the skills and digital skills related to Graphic Design that should be included in a resume? [duplicate]

If I do graphic design and I want to include on my resume a list of digital skills that indicate my proficiency level, how would I put this, e.g.: is it better to write: 1) a list of softwares and/or ...
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How to style links on a resume/CV?

What is the best way to style a link on one's resume/CV? Let's assume this styling doesn't cross over to a printed page and focus solely on the PDF. Should links be underlined and colored blue (like ...
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How to add ability to scale your skills in your resume/CV

I would like to implement a skills bar chart into a resume template. I am using Gimp for this project and am trying to find ways to implement this feature. Example below.
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RGB or CMYK for resume/portfolio

Is it best to use RGB color-space when you don't know if the end-user of the document is going to be printing the document on an inkjet or laser printer? For example, even though my home printer has 4 ...
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Icons degrade when converted to PDF using Photoshop

I'm working on a graphic resume in Photoshop. This project was started by someone else and they used some social icons from I need to replace the Facebook icon with a Github icon. Here ...
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What's the standard practice to listing clients you've worked with through an agency

What's the standard practice, within a portfolio site or resume, to list clients you've worked with through an agency? Since the agency is technically your client, is listing the agency's clients ...
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Archer + Quaadrat Sans for a resume / CV

Is it advisable to use Archer (Hoefler) for headings with Quadraat Sans (FontFont), probably condensed, for the body of a resume / CV for someone working in teaching technology? This website http://...
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Is there any scientific evidence that verifies the advantages of infographics in resumes?

I am a computer scientist currently working on his master thesis. For this purpose i developed an application which is able to produce infographic resumes. But currently im struggling to find proper ...
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Should I include experiences as a freelancer on a resume? If so, how?

I have experience interning and working at several companies before graduating University. After that, for about one and a half years, I worked like a freelancer (means work alone, not in the office). ...
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How to make clear the intent of résumé status bars?

On my résumé, in order to emphasize the technologies that I am skilled with I am placing a 'status bar' along with each technology indicating a level of 1 to 5. This is the rough draft: Is it clear ...
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How can I organize info in my résumé in a better manner?

I'm an engineering undergrad and in a typical biodata format, my biodata easily runs into two pages. I have been trying to make a one-page biodata but looks too congested to me (and a lot of other ...
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Critique: résumé: design without sacrificing conservatism and content-focus?

Although I have already asked a résumé question here, this is for another resume and a completely different question so I created a second question so as not to distract from the first one. ...
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Critique: Any advice on the design of my systems engineering résumé?

So I'm creating a résumé for Engineering/Design/Computer Science internships, so I guess I am allowed to be a bit creative and less conservative here. I was working on this all day today,...
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What is the best Adobe software for designing a résumé?

I have been creating my CV with Photoshop for several years now. I've heard and seen it myself, that this is not the right tool at all to design a résumé. I never used the other tools from the Adobe ...
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Is a resumé/CV required for a freelancer?

Since a freelancer usually (or from what I understand) takes on all aspects of their work, they don't really get hired for permanent positions and thus work off individual projects. A client hires the ...
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If I wanted to create my resume in Illustrator/Sketch what pixel dimensions should I use?

If I create a 8.5x11in file in Photoshop, it works out to 612x792. If I want to create a resume in Illustrator or another program like Sketch by Bohemian Coding should I use that size? Or would it be ...
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Cover Letter using InDesign?

I redesigned my resume using InDesign and this modern resume tutorial. However, I'm wondering whether I need to redesign my cover letter as well since it might look odd if I email my beautiful resume ...
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What are some tips for getting hired without a formal education?

I don't really want to go into too much detail, but my life took an unexpected turn and I haven't been able to transfer into a 4 year college. I only have an AA degree but I've taken loads of random ...
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is there a way to add hyperlinks in a Illustrator document?

I am creating a CV in Illustrator and exporting it to a PDF. I just read an article which stated that it is a good idea that we use hyperlinks in the CV so that the employer can just click and not ...
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Is having a skills bar chart on a resume a good idea?

I was looking at the resume in this question, and I noticed the skills bar chart. I've seen this on several designers' resumes and was wondering if it is a new fad, if it's something that I should ...
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What are some tips for a graphic designer's CV/resume?

I've recently graduated from university (within the United Kingdom) and I'm trying to get my first step on to the ladder within the graphic design industry. It has been several months and I'm having ...
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Is a graphical/original resume a good idea for a designer?

This is more a question about graphic design as a field than about methods. I am applying for web designer jobs out there, and have been wondering more and more about my resume. I have a quite ...
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What is a good font for a CV?

A recent article in Nature discusses the effect of typeface on credibility, and points to another study suggesting that resumes displayed in a high appropriate typeface (Corbel), resulted in ...
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