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In GIMP, how do I match the lighting or colours in one image to another image of exactly the same scene but which is darker?

I have these two images - the same shot - but one is slightly darker than the other: How do I match the lighting/colours in the image below so it matches the lighter image above in GIMP?
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How to *clip* saturation in Photoshop to a specific upper bound?

I know how to increase saturation, but is there a way to clip it a particular value? E.g. if clipping to 80% any pixels with a color that has saturation <= 80% remain unchanged, whereas any pixels ...
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What is this filter/post-production called?

This is the thumbnail of a music clip, and I was wondering how to achieve this look on a picture but have no idea what to even look for: It could be just a type of camera and/or photographic film. ...
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Convert RGB color to saturated color and transparency

I have a logo with several colors at the edge that look OK with a white background. When I overlay it on a background of another color, the edge is not smooth and looks off. Therefore, I would like to ...
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In GIMP, how can I identify and match the saturation of an image

I have various album covers which are low resolution, but the colours come out really pretty. I have higher resolution images of the same covers, but the colours are very different, much duller and ...
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PDF Looses Saturation when Exported at a Lower Resolution

I exported my PDF with images from Illustrator, but the file was too large (around 35 MB), so I exported it with the PDF/X-1a:2001 setting to lower the resolution. The file was smaller as I wanted, ...
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How can I measure the "colorfulness" of an image?

Alright Ive looked at and read Color Theory: Is there a measurement of "colorfulness"? but need an applicable ...
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Why does lowering saturation via blend mode produce different grays than lowering saturation via adjustment layer?

I'm getting very different gray tones from two different ways of reducing saturation: Left – uses a layer with blend mode set to Saturation. The layer's color has 0 saturation (e.g. white or ...
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Ideal range of brightness and saturation for background color of a website?

I'm developing a website and I'm thinking about the background color saturation and brightness. I've read that too saturated and bright colors would strain the eye if not immediately after a while. ...
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How can I create a color palette with the same saturation levels as a particular color? [duplicate]

Say I have #FF3154 (as red). How could I come up with palette in which all the colors (different hue, as in orange, yellow, blue, etc...) are in harmony with that specific red, that is, all share the ...
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Confused over hue, saturation,luminosity [duplicate]

I am trying to make sense of luminosity, hue, saturation and color. I read this online: Hue, saturation and value together make a color. But hue is also the term for pure colors like red, green, ...
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What's the difference between saturation, vibrance and clarity in Photoshop and Lightroom?

What is the difference between vibrance, saturation and clarity in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop?
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