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Symbols for parts of a text?

Some texts may be divided into parts, chapters, sections and paragraphs. Sections are associated with the symbol $, and paragraphs with the Pilcrow. My understanding is that there are no symbols ...
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How do I make a square whose border is made of numbers? [Inkscape]

I'd like to create squares, but instead of solid or dashed borders, I want them composed of numbers (like -1-). However, if I make a marker with numbers, and apply it to the squares, it doesn't work! ...
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Is there any section managing tool/ panel for indesign?

In Indesign going through sections in multi documents or long documents to editing their titles and other options is a time eating process. Is there a panel, script or plug-in to just list sections... ...
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Can I create a book index or table of contents in InDesign that automatically updates page numbers as text reflows?

I have nearly completed an employee handbook with sections and headings such as "Your Guide to Personal Conduct", "Parking", "Benefits", "Dress Code", etc. As the handbook is updated, sometimes the ...
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Using Promarker blender for copic

Will Promarker blender work on copic or finecolor markers ? can they damage each other or something ?
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How to have a section start on an odd page _and_ number the page with a prefix starting again at 1?

I've set up a paragraph format section, which starts on the next odd page. Additionally, I would like the page number to be prefixed by the section number and starting again at 1, i.e. page numbers ...
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InDesign: chapters under sections in a multi-document book

I am working on a book where each chapter is a separate .indd file. These files are assembled in a single .indb file to make the final book. However, I am considering grouping these chapter-documents (...
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Specific Section and Page Numbering InDesign

I am new to InDesign and I am trying to get my head around how to do something with the page numbering. I want to do this: Have at the top of the page Sec 01.1 (the .1 signifies the page number of ...
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Indesign CS5 No longer displaying section markers in Table of Contents

I'm working on a catalogue which has over time worked it's way up to 36 pages. I placed text boxes with Section Markers on the Master Page spread to use as the header for each page. I then created a ...
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