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1 answer

Choosing image size based on the size in cm

I need to search images which are suitable to be printed on a photographic paper whose size are 220 cm x 53 cm (length x height). How can I choose the image size? If I use for example the Google's ...
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Photoshop saves images in a larger size than specified while creating the document

I realized this when using the Photshop generated A4 sized image as a Word template. Word tells me the image is larger than A4 and I verified this using an online tool as well. I selected the ...
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Why can't InDesign create this small label?

I am trying to design a small return address label following the printer's guidelines: However, InDesign isn't letting me create a label this size: I really just want to set a size and start ...
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Photoshop Batch for different aspect ratio images

I have nearly 40 thousand of product photos horizontally and vertically. Hence I need a Photoshop action that will spawn them all in the center and make them square. I can't tell Photoshop which is ...
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Fully stretching pattern

I defined a simple pattern that consists just of vertical lines that repeat with a specific distance. Now I want these lines to always stretch from the top to the bottom of the element that uses it as ...
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What size can make the video fit to screen in After effect

Creating a video. With aspect ratio of 9/16. Why the video is not fitting in the mobile screen. Any suggestion whats going wrong. Thanks.
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1 answer

What's the recommended font size for standees?

I'm not sure if this question has been asked before, but it's my first time on this site, and it's also my first time making a standee. To be specific, we've decided on a 2ft x 6ft standee, but I'm ...
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2 answers

Saving EPS without invisible layers?

To save time and avoid having dozens of files to sift through, I have one masterfile for some labels that share a background and have varying information. Unfortunately this means that every EPS I ...
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How to pixelate like this

How do I create natural (for lack of a better word) pixelation like this from a high resolution image? (image needs to be downloaded to see what i mean) For example, can I downsize it, allow the small ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Largest commercially available paper size and binding for art books?

Although there have been notable instances of very large photography books being printed, there doesn’t seem to be a way to search books by their size. In other words are there printing presses that ...
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On Display Resolutions, Scale and Layout in Windows 10

On my last project I was designing a website in Figma and I realized there is a problem I was not so aware of. In Windows 10, at the Display Settings, there is an option for Display Resolution, this ...
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1 answer

Adobe Illustrator, dpi, pixels and raster images

I now Ai is all about vectors. So, resolution is not much of an issue, most of the time. Therefore most answers I read about this always consider the vector part but not so much what to do when high ...
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1 answer

How to draw proportionally in Illustrator?

I want to draw a graph that is similar to below image in Illustrator. I can use the Rectangle tool to draw a graph that looks like it. However, I want to draw something proportionally (according to ...
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Photoshop PDF not appearing in Save As - too large document?

I've got a banner that is 43,000px x 8,500px @96dpi done in Photoshop but the PDF option does not come up in the Save As. Only if I reduce it to 30,000px across will the Save As PDF option come up. Is ...
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Safe size for printing image from browser

I have an Illustrator document with A4 size and export it as PNG with 300 ppi for printing (you can see it here in case it helps). On Safari and Firefox, printing that image from the browser with A4 ...
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