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Why are A paper sizes rounded to whole millimetres?

A (ISO 216) paper sizes have aspect ratio √2, which means that the sides have to be irrational numbers in millimetres. But the specification rounds the lengths to whole millimetres. Why is that? The ...
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Photoshop saves images in a larger size than specified while creating the document

I realized this when using the Photshop generated A4 sized image as a Word template. Word tells me the image is larger than A4 and I verified this using an online tool as well. I selected the ...
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Fully stretching pattern

I defined a simple pattern that consists just of vertical lines that repeat with a specific distance. Now I want these lines to always stretch from the top to the bottom of the element that uses it as ...
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How to pixelate like this

How do I create natural (for lack of a better word) pixelation like this from a high resolution image? (image needs to be downloaded to see what i mean) For example, can I downsize it, allow the small ...
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Safe size for printing image from browser

I have an Illustrator document with A4 size and export it as PNG with 300 ppi for printing (you can see it here in case it helps). On Safari and Firefox, printing that image from the browser with A4 ...
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