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How do I return to the smart guide and anchor behaviour from Illustrator CC 2021?

I have recently moved from Adobe Illustrator CC 2021 to Adobe Illustrator CC 2023 and I can't help but notice that the behaviour of the programme has been significantly changed. Previously when I move ...
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1 answer

Showing Green Guide Layer in Adobe Illustrator 2020

I have some artboards to finish before the end of March. I want to display the Green Guide Layer as shown in the image. Can anyone help me to display it?
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Smart guides not working properly with custom guides in Illustrator

Here's a video showing my issue: I don't think I have any "snapping" enabled, apart from "smart guides", but it ...
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2 answers

smart guide is not happening

Is smart guide in illustrator limited to some certain capacity? I wonder why i don't see any smart guide line (magenta one) in circled portion. I think i should see one. (pic 2) When two circles' ...
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How to globally set guides in Fontlab

I want to have this sort of thing: There's 6 horizontal lines and 3 vertical lines, to form the sort of bounding box and positioning guides for the character contours. I am new to FontLab and have ...
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Visible Snapping Guidelines in Krita

I want to make the snapping guidelines visible like those in Photoshop for the Krita Digital Art Software. Does Krita have a settings option that I could make use of, if not how can I write an ...
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3 votes
3 answers

Limit smart guides to current artboard

I work with artboards a lot, both in Photoshop and in Illustrator. I love them, particularly when creating multiple sizes of the same artwork. I also love smart guides. Unfortunately, they don't seem ...
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Changing isometric drawing's constraint angles in Illustrator

I'm doing some isometric drawing in Illustrator, and moving my objects around on 0°, 30° and 60° constrained angles. I keep having to go to preferences (Control + K) to change the constrain angle ...
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