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3 answers

Printing photographs when job is a 2 spot color job

my client is printing a newsletter and they are using only two spot colors and neither is black. The newsletter contains photos so what are my options? Can I make the photos gray-scale and then use ...
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InDesign: knockout / overprinting

I am preparing an A5 flyer for print using a printing company that my client requested. The doc will be 5 colours as there is a Pantone spot colour in there too. In the artwork checklist provided by ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Printed Uncoated PMS on Coated Stock

I did my artwork on the uncoated PMS colours as I originally planned to print it on uncoated stock. We ended up changing the stock and there was the forgetfulness of one person to not change the PMS ...
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Do not overprint black text over metallic Pantone colors

I just read a good book on DTP. The author stated that one should not overprint black text over metallic spot colours. Unfortunately he doesn't explain this further. I would like to ask why not ...
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Swatch Conflict

I am a very novice Illustrator user. I have recently been getting the following pop-up every time I go to copy text from one worksheet to another. This didn't use to happen: "The color swatch "...
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How to create Gradient Highlight / Shadow using One Spot Metallic Gold Color

My client asks to use one metallic gold color (for example Pantone 871c) in large heading text and other designs. I'd like to make the gold color pop even more with gradient of light and dark. How do ...
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