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Photoshop's spot-color channel mixing method

Photoshop seems to have a special mode for blending spot-color channels. Let's look at an example: blending full opacity red #ff3c1f with full opacity cyan #1cd4c6. If I create two spot-color ...
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Move color channels and spot colour channel at the same time?

when I select part of my image layer and move it with the move tool, the colour channels move as expected but the graphic on the spot color channel stays where it is. I have to go back and select the ...
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Photoshop: preparing PDF files for spot color printing

My working file is currently a two channel artwork in Photoshop, one black channel with one Pantone spot color channel over it. How do I prepare these files for press? On PDF export it only shows a ...
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Adobe Illustrator - uneditable spot colors?

I'm editing a file made by someone else (it was a PDF, but I saved it as an .AI file after opening it), and it contains a few almost uneditable spot colors. I can change the actual color (by modifying ...
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Find a good colour match from an RGB to a CMYK / spot colour that will print well

I have a hex colour #0d152c, which is a corporate colour, when this is converted / printed in CMYK the colour doesn't convert well when printed and looks a bit washed-out because obviously CMYK has a ...
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