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Questions tagged [style]

Questions about a specific visual language, the use of text, graphics and images recognisable as belonging to a certain method, type, use, and/or time period.

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Why iOS system grays have a slight blue hue?

The light system gray defined by Apple Guidelines for iOS12 (and used by the default color scheme of the UI controls), is defined as #EFEFF4 (HSB(240,2,96)). It means that the hue is a little bit blue....
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General rules for figure/table placement in books?

I would like to know whether there are any general rules for the dimensions and placement of figures and tables in books. For example, if you first refer to a figure in the middle of a page, is it ...
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Small Caps Character Choice for Abbreviations Commonly starting with a Lowercase Letter

I am pondering the following question, is there a typographical convention for which of the following choices should be prefered? or The background is: I want the title style in small capitals. ...
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Is there a clear "Cycle" in UI/Grpahic styling?

As you will be aware design styles go in waves, IE flat, clear/opaque, curved, fades, tiles, minimalist, retro, halftone etc etc - often styles come back into fashion, and often it is a design ...
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Can we add a gradient color style in Figma's variable?

Is there any way that we can save our color gradients in Figma's variables? one way I know is to save the color as Style. But I want to implement the same using the variables property. Please see ...
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Core color theory books books for UI/UX specialist

I'm a newbie at design. I'm a front-end developer mostly working at tech issues rather than business or design. I really want to get some useful knowledge in this field to help my team to build better ...
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What is the aesthetic style of Journey called?

So many artists and games right now are making art in this sort of style, to me exemplified by the game Journey. Or No Man's Sky. Another great example is this deviantart post I can't find out if ...
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Name of drawing with smooth solid high-contrast shapes

What is the common style name of drawings that consist of smooth solid high-contrast shapes with minimal number of details and minimal number of colors used? Samples:
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Tools to redraw diverse images in similar drawing style

The number of AI tools to draw sketches from textual descriptions or photographic templates are legion. By contrast, AI-powered tools that recreate a given template in a specific style (e.g., black ...
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Can we store any dynamic date or time in Figma's variable?

I have been using Figma for my design since past 3 years now that that have there new update where we can add static number data in their variables. I want to store a dynamic date in it instead of a ...
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OpenType 'calt' feature behaviour between font tyles/weights OR how to make a glyph correspond to any other font next to it?

I'm looking for a solution for my connected script font which has multiple weights in its' family (light, regular, bold) The problem: Individually, the styles work perfectly fine and letters/glyphs ...
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How can I change the style of an image to fit it to a reference image?

I try to Photoshop the head of a person I have taken into a generated poster image that has a more drawn stylistic style... and although I assume it is a pretty simple task, I have no idea how to ...
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Show (or list) things on page/document that use given style (paragraph, character, object, table or cell) in InDesign?

I have quite dense styling hierarchy and would like to ensure that stuff that uses those styles is set up correctly and I didn't mix something up on accident. In Office Word there is "Select all" ...
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A design paradigm - GUI and theme files

I am making a GUI application that has a themes folder inside the package. Users can write their own theme files following the format specified in the documentation - it is somewhat similar to GTK ...
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Website to apply some visual style to a vector image (SVG, etc)

Question: If I have a vector path (let's say it's an SVG), what's a website I can send it to and get various "styles" in return? What I mean by "style" is just: change the colors of the vector paths ...
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