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Questions tagged [swatches]

Questions about selections of different color fields commonly used in digital imaging software. Swatches are used to store color selections in order to consistenly use the same color across a project.

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7 answers

Is it possible to have global color swatches or color styles in Photoshop?

I'm looking for a way to use one color in multiple different layers, and then be able to change that color in all the layers in one single place. Lets say that I have four layers using #ffffff. Now I ...
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How can I separate colors by layer in Illustrator?

I did a three-color Live Trace, and output the colors to swatches. Now I'd like to assign each of these three (spot) colors to their own layer. I'm sure this is super easy, and I'm just over-looking ...
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2 answers

Adobe Illustrator: Is there a way to set the image-trace palette limit to a number over 30?

I'm trying to perform an image-trace on a bitmap artwork. The vector result will then be cut into glass, and I need to have exactly 60 colors, since we only have 60 colors of glass. Is there a way to ...
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2 answers

No color swatches available in Illustrator

When opening a new image from a PNG file in Illustrator as the background for my artboard to trace over I am not able to select any color swatches the only available options are [none] and [...
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What is the use of registration black in the InDesign swatches palette?

InDesign displays [registration], 100% of each ink colour, as a swatch in the swatches palette. It's impossible to remove the swatch. Why is this? I have never had the need to actually use [...
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How to input a specific Pantone color number in Illustrator?

Can someone please tell me the steps to input a Pantone number in Illustrator? For example, I have selected what I want to color, now I want to make that selection Pantone #300. Where do I input ...
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2 answers

How to import Illustrator swatch libraries into InDesign - Adobe Indesign Mac?

I have a very reach swatch library in adobe-illustrator like food colors and.... But in adobe-indesign I don't have many colors. Why? Can I import them to indesign?
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1 answer

Is there a way to add all colors used into the swatches panel?

Sometimes, when inspiration hits me, I start designing a document using multiple colors. Or I use the Blend tool to create a smooth set of colors for me to work with. But it always happens that ...
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2 answers

Is there a quick way to make multiple Illustrator swatches global?

Global swatches are my friends. Being able to open a swatch in Illustrator, change its colour values and have my art change along is invaluable. I know I can change a swatch to global by opening the ...
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4 answers

How to permanently save swatches in illustrator cc 2018?

I save my swatches and every time I re-open Illustrator CC 2018 they disappear. Is there a way that I can permanently save my swatches so they don't disappear after exiting? I'm a bit new at this. ...
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3 votes
2 answers

How do I move a pattern swatch once I've applied it to a shape?

I want to create patterns/images within an image in Illustrator E.g. smaller triangles within a large triangle. I’ve tried to create a swatch with the smaller images and then chosen the larger image ...
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1 answer

How accurate is pantone conversion in Illustrator and how should I send "Pantone References" asked by the printer?

I've been hired to do a big campaign that requires all sorts of permutations of an Illustrator design. Most recently, I was asked to make a banner. The printer wants my Illustrator file (no pdf) in ...
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Swatch Conflict

I am a very novice Illustrator user. I have recently been getting the following pop-up every time I go to copy text from one worksheet to another. This didn't use to happen: "The color swatch "...
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When using Illustrators "Recolor art" tool, how do I recolor in the same order as in the swatch window?

I know how to use the Illustrator recolor tool, but this part really throws me for a loop. How do I keep the order of the swatches in the recolor "assign" window in the same order as I've set them ...
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3 answers

How do I change a color from a swatch library and actually change all the objects that have that color applied in the document?

Is there a way to create a swatch library, apply different colors from that swatches library to a lot of objects (e.g. a red swatch to 30 objects, a lime swatch to 170 objects, etc.) and after, If I ...
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Can placing a raster file introduce swatches in InDesign?

Can any raster format (JPG/TIF/PSD/PNG/etc) introduce swatches in InDesign when placed as a link? There are 2 swatches in my INDD document that won't delete (i know its an old issue), and these did ...
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How can I easily convert a plaintext list of HEX values to an adobe ACO/ASE color palette file?

I have a list of colors in #XXXXXX format. How can I convert this list into a swatch (aco/ase) file? If it's not possible I'll settle for converting to an image. Any help would be awesome. Thank you.
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