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Questions tagged [swatches]

Questions about selections of different color fields commonly used in digital imaging software. Swatches are used to store color selections in order to consistenly use the same color across a project.

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Illustrator changing my CMYK values even in a CMYK document

My illustrator is changing my cmyk colors and even swatches to random numbers, I was changing CMYK red to 98% yellow 97% magenta, and now worse, it changes cmyk black to 70%c, 67%m, 64%y, 74%k. Mind ...
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Color Mapping in Photoshop

I am making web templates and am looking for a quick way to change color schemes efficiently. I need to map different items to a certain color/swatch and change all of those items linked to that color ...
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Use new ase file to change multiple files created with old ase file and global colors

I have 30 files all colored using the same global color swatch palette generated by the same .ase color swatch library. Is there a way to use a new .ase file to globally change those colors? I know ...
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Why can't I chose my User Defined swatches when recoloring an artwork?

I usually select my user-defined swatches when recoloring an artwork in Illustrator (Edit > Edit Colors > Recolor With Preset). My .ase files are in the Illustrator Application folder, inside ...
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Fully stretching pattern

I defined a simple pattern that consists just of vertical lines that repeat with a specific distance. Now I want these lines to always stretch from the top to the bottom of the element that uses it as ...
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How can I add more swatches and gradients to a swatch library?

I've created a color scheme on Adobe Color web page and exported it to use on Illustrator (let's name it as "my custom palette"), now I have one more color and one gradient I'd like to add ...
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How to access pattern library (Photoshop CC)

I have just defined a creation as a pattern but I cannot find where it has gone. I wish to use the pattern in Illustrator as a pattern swatch. I appreciate this is a basic question but I have been ...
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Photoshop Action to Make Coloured Shapes from Swatch Library

This might be a bit farfetched for Photoshop, but I was wondering if there was the possibility of creating an action to make 42 rectangles by sourcing the colour from 42 swatches in the Swatches ...
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