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Questions tagged [technical-drawing]

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2 answers

Need help scaling in perspective

I'm having what feels like a very dumb problem when it comes to scaling. I'm trying to draw the interior of an apartment while also drawing a city view in the background. I'm struggling to properly ...
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the most effective procedure to trace a scanned sewing pattern?

This is the type of the image I am hoping to autotrace I have gotten to the point of tracing in Adobe Illustrator as stroke. Obvously the text tracing doesn't work and I will need to retype it or run ...
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2 answers

Line wont disappear when using unite tool

I copied and reflected the overall body of the shirt on the right. I then united the reflected and original shape, but the line going down the middle will not disappear. Does anyone know how to get ...
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Software to help me create an approximate route (just sites and arrows) on a map?

I'm in the middle of writing a thesis on the most authentic Exodus route (following the clues given in the bible). I would like to demonstrate on a map the sites and locations where the Israelites ...
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