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Why does modern low-res art seem to look better than retro low-res art?

N.B: I previously used the term "pixel art", which I took to mean "modern, intentionally low-resolution art," though that's an inaccurate definition, so I edit the title It seems to me that modern ...
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3 answers

Where did the early graphic design theory in Asia originate from?

As a North American designer, most of the graphic design theory I've encountered can be traced back to the Bauhaus in Germany. I've also read there was a less famous Russian equivalent to the Bauhaus ...
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Categorizing whitespace: passive vs. micro / active vs. macro

I've been reading about whitespace and there are mainly two ways of categorizing whitespace. Passive and active Micro and macro To me passive/micro sound similar and active/macro sound similar. Can ...
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Demonstrating colour theory through these exercises [closed]

Can you please explain how I'm supposed to create these tasks? • Using coloured paper swatches, give examples of the following 3 Colour Chords: dyad,triad and tetrad. • Using paint or paper, create ...
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Representation of images (Pictorial/NonPictorial)

In the book Design Elements by Timothy Samara, Mr. Samara depicts a spectrum for the representation of images, ranging from pictorial (literal/concrete) representation to non pictorial (abstract) ...
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position_in_pixel * DPI

There's a software who export content as image and provide a metadata files giving the X/Y position and X/Y distance from those points to box elements within the image. In the code, all thoses values ...
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