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Questions tagged [tools]

Questions regarding hardware or analogical tools (but please use software-recommendation for software ones!)

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Comparison chart for glyphs that work in MS Word, Illustrator, InDesign+

I want to buy some fonts and ran across an excellent comparison chart for the advance glyphs and ligatures available in the various programs such as Word, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and so on. ...
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Why does Photoshop's Zoom Tool disengage randomly?

This happens all the time and it's driving me crazy... I press Z to switch to the Zoom Tool. Then I click-drag somewhere to zoom in, but instead Ps has switched back to the Grab Tool, so I end up ...
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Illustrator 2020 Snapping relative to Cursor Position

With the latest Illustrator update, snapping has been all wonky. When dragging objects before the update, I was able to snap the object's edge or center to the guides from the edge or center of ...
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Why can't I use the rectangular selection tool outside of my canvas?

I have a PSD with a mobile and Desktop artboard in it, working in the latest version of Photoshop CC. I'm trying to make slices out of layers, but one layer in particular runs off the canvas, so I'...
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techniques/methods/utilities/exercises to practise typography principles

I am a beginner interested in learning typography. What kind of tools are available that would help me layout/experiment easily with various design principles. For example, this site i found immensely ...
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Selection tool - Illustrator 2024 - v28.5

Since the recent update, my selection tool is acting strange and I feel I've unintentionally turned something on and want it turned off immediately. When I click on an object, my selection tool ...
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Why are different colour contrast analysers providing different results for WCAG contrast?

My designer colleague just brought to my attention that he has different results for contrast from different tools. How is that possible? He did the comparison for a ~Portage color #9E83F5 with white ...
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Where to get Chibi Maker with complete customizable movement?

I found out that Chibi Character Maker online is the best tool i ever known. Such as these list: 1) ChibiMaker 2) GamesGames But none of them are making the chibi character has a movement, such as ...
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Fireworks: Export from layers - Include common layer?

I am versed in exporting all visible layers in Fireworks to separate files. What I would like to is one notch more sophisticated - I'd like to include one or more of these layers in each and every ...
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How to create image like this?

So, I have an image like this: in which I want to highlight the "Advanced" section on the left side of the image like the image below: How can I do this? Thanks!
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Closing Paths in Illusstrator pen tool

Hello I have a question? I'm using the pen tool and I have a lot lines alternating my artboard how would I close the paths the alternating lines that I have drawn in Illustrator.
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Tool to compare designs

I am looking for a tool (not Software / Programm) to compare corporate designs consisting of colors, fonts, logo and lines etc. I have something in mind like a onepager / card / palette with a ...
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