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Can I automatically convert an outer stroke into an "inner" stroke in SVGs?

I know the title is sort of confusing but I really don't know how to describe it better. I will first visualize what I want to achieve, because it becomes really clear then. The following image is a ...
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How to convert raster image to vector using only vertical and horizontal segments

I'm trying to convert an image to a pixel art vector. I want the output to be Only with horizontal and vertical segments "―" "|" (no "╱"). I tried to use several online ...
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Stroke all paths in a GIMP File

I have been working on an image file which contains a lot of paths. The file is a flow field visualization picture, and I've traced the individual streamlines in the image with the path tool to ...
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Image trace setting for BW image so no white BG is added

I have a black and white images PNG (+5000) on transparent BG. I am trying to find a setting that will trace the images without creating a white block in place of a transparent segment. I need the ...
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Interior fill not working on manually traced image in Inkscape

I'm working on making a few different vector drawings by manually tracing over bitmap files. I had hoped that I would be lucky to have them fill as I had hoped, but it looks like the fill is behaving ...
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Is there any software that has the same vector drawing tools as Flash?

I was wondering if there is any software that has the SAME vector drawing tools that flash has/had. I tried photoshop and a couple of other programs but the main thing is that you would have to use ...
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Illustrator: Convert shapes to path and change color fill?

I've been using Fireworks for a long time as a recreational user but now I'm moving to Illustrator, so please bear with me. I have this simple image with several shapes. I want to "convert" ...
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Inkscape: Trying to change the pattern fill but node tool only affects the path of the object being filled

Very new to Inkscape. I have a shape that I traced, roughly heart shaped like a locket. I want to fill it with pink and black stripes, but the patterns only offered black and transparent stripes, so I ...
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I would like to get rid of the pink outline (path tracing) and white lines in the image below

This image was a png which i filled in colour and edited its outline using Inkscape. However, once it's complete i could see that the outline pink in colour can be seen even after i filled with blue ...
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How to convert a 2D object into a 1D stroke in inkscape?

I have a couple of edges in urdu I want to convert into strokes to make it more like handwriting. How can I convert a series of shapes into a stroke? I tried taking a screenshot and using trace ...
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Software suggestion: hand tracing photo to vector on tablet

I am looking for software that let's me trace a photo by hand on an android device and then have the result saved as vectors (EPS, SVG, whatever). The task is trivial The only reference I could ...
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