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Why are my apostrophes replaced with ">" in InDesign?

I have InDesign 2022, v. 17.2 and it randomly started giving me this issue where my apostrophes are unretrievable, instead always displaying as ">" no matter what font I'm using. Help?
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Diactric marks like `ąęłćżńźó` not working with keyboard shortcut

Is there any possibility to be able to write using alt + [] to make diactric marks (Polish), while having Adobe Illustrator in English language? Using for example alt + e only results in starting ...
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Which program should use for an Image with description

I have an Online Shop, I'll in my Website Dress to sell, I to want habe as this image to show, My question is which program need for have same what inside of rectangle is, the Black Circle and the ...
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How to resize the bounding box in Adobe Illustrator?

I'm doing some calendars and I need the numbers to be aligned to the center of the square but I can't align properly because of the blank space that is above the number. I've trying to use the Area ...
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Center text horizontally and vertically without overflow

I have two layers - black shape and red text in Photoshop: I want to center the text inside the shape horizontally, and vertically. This is easy, I have done it by Layer > Align > Vertical ...
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shortcut for moving from type tool to move tool - photoshop CS6

Moving from the type tool to the move tool in photoshop I don't know how to do. I have tried option+command+shift+k but it doesnt seem to work.