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Resin layer applied over a printed surface to give a shiny look.

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Car wrapping: use of varnish on matte vinyle?

I was reading this post Glossy black logo on matte black background which is the exact effect I am seeking for an eccentric car wrap. Given the difficulty to find a professional able to produce that ...
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InDesign: preparing artwork for Varnish or UV coating

I am working on a multipage document for a client. On the first page (the document cover) we need to overlay some basic shapes (squares) and prepare these to be varnished in production. My experience ...
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Varnish On Giclee Print

I would like to add a spot varnish to a giclee print. To be clear: I don't want to varnish the whole page, but add a designed layer of shapes which are varnished on top of the the giclee. This is for ...
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