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2 votes
2 answers

What are these design elements often found in vintage newspapers and texts called?

I've been on a search for a while now but I can't figure out the term for this design element. I'm not even really sure what to look up. I tried going through terms associated with typography but no ...
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2 votes
2 answers

How would you go about making these sorts of textures in Illustrator, and what is this style called, specifically?

Please see the attached image. I am curious about both textures - the one used on the subject and the one used in the background. These can't all be by hand, can they?
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2 answers

Font from 1986 or earlier used in OrCAD

Honestly I know nothing about fonts, I tried my best to find it online, anyway I'm looking for a font used in this schematic. The only hint I have is from FAQ where the author of the schematic below ...
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How can I create a 'vintage-style' illustration similar to these without the use of effects? [closed]
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What is this vintage color effect and how to achieve it? [closed]

My apology for the amateur question. What is this vintage effect and how to create in PS (steps by steps rather than action) ? Can you point me to similar color effects ? Thanks. My bad for being ...
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3 answers

Vintage photos and inkscape: removing "yellow" background

I am 1 week new to Inkscape, so forgive my ignorance here. I am working with a Glowforge to engrave vintage photos like this:
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0 votes
2 answers

Typeface Identification

I have been trying to figure out the typefaces or stencils styles that were used for this 1941 map. I was thinking that it could be something like a Leroy Lettering template, but I can't find it. This ...
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1 answer

Slightly blurry vintage/VHS effect

I don't know what to call this effect, but I am in love with the look of this: music video. Can anybody help me figure out how this effect might be created? I can almost ...
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How to create distorted, textured, type in a specific shape?

there is a great designer that create awesome stuff like that using typodesign. I really love him. Some of you guys have any idea of how I can obtain the same result of text envelope without distort ...
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2 answers

How do I get this vintage/retro look using Photoshop? [closed]

I'd like to get a similar vintage/retro blur look shown in these images below, using Adobe Photoshop. What would be the best strategy to use to mimic these images effectively?
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2 votes
2 answers

Create engraving in GIMP/Inkscape

I want to turn a photo in a engraving style picture, like for example this one using GIMP and, if possible, then make an SVG out of it with Inkscape. Can you recommend any filters/tools/plugins/...
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2 votes
4 answers

Name of this style: Vintage, b/w, line-filled?

I've found a graphic style, which ... looks "retro" (maybe around 1900?) is only "filled" with lines, so looks a bit like a hand-drawn technical drawing and seems to be quite modern (e.g. for ...
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-3 votes
1 answer

Vintage Font Effect

How do I copy this effect? I have tried just duplicating the text but that looks weird. Thanks! EDIT: I threw this together - sorry about the bright colors. It showed up way brighter on here. But, ...
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54 votes
10 answers

Font from old 70's American engineering schematics

I am looking for a specific font used in oldish technical engineering docs (ca. 70's and earlier American electronic schematics and/or block diagrams), and I tried to identify it online, but had not ...
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1 answer

How to lay out ornate victorian-style graphics?

I'm interested in learning how to create v. decorative vintage-style graphics like this one by J C Desevre. However, I can't figure out how, assuming the original image is drawn by hand, such ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Bitmap or smooth edge for vintage graphic? [closed]

I am working on a high resolution vintage graphic retouching. The original image is bitmap mode, I try to make it smooth for large size printing. But after it I am confusing if the smooth edge is ...
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1 answer

Resources for old vintage (1960's and older) photography for use?

I've been searching for some good resources for old photos for use in designs. I've checked out the Flickr Commons, but I'm wondering if there were alternative sources I don't know about for copyright-...
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4 votes
2 answers

How do I achieve an "old" distressed poster effect in Illustrator, Photoshop or Pixelmator?

I am looking to create some graphics that look like modernism vintage style. Examples here: Any thoughts here?
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What is this vintage font?

Help me I dont know what this font is. I have tried using What the font and other programs. I believe its a older PC or Windows font but not sure. Can't find it. DM
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4 votes
4 answers

Easiest way to create vintage grane/corners/angles in Ai

I am looking for an easy way to create in Illustrator vintage style corners like on the picture provided. I have some technical ideas, but they are time consuming, there should be an easier way I ...
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