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Questions tagged [vinyl]

Synthetic plastic polymer made in both rigid and flexible form, replacing natural rubber.

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2 answers

Printing a Vinyl Sticker "Skin" for a large City-Owned Bin (Skins for Binz)

Apologies for the extremely newbie question, but I'm way out of my area of expertise here. I'm working with a municipal government on a community composting program. Several large bins consisting of a ...
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Large-format Vinyl for Decals or Labels

What's the best large-format vinyl to print on using eco-solvent inks? Vinyl for decals or labels? I'm currently running a Roland SOLJET PRO4 XR-640. Thanks in advance for your help!
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Car wrapping: use of varnish on matte vinyle?

I was reading this post Glossy black logo on matte black background which is the exact effect I am seeking for an eccentric car wrap. Given the difficulty to find a professional able to produce that ...
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cover art for vinyl LP, correct settings in application to do artwork? [closed]

cover art for vinyl LP cover, correct settings in application to do artwork? adobe indesign, photoshop I'm the one who supposed to do artwork for cover of LP (vinyl) What settings for artwork ...
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scaling issues for vinyl printing

I am currently printing 30 shirts for a sports company. All of which have a different sponsorship that must conform to the 14.5cm x 4cm area. The issue I have is that if I use the same font size for ...
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What is the most suitable vinyl for breeze block internal walls?

Using a Latex printer. Printing a mural, never applied vinyl to breeze block surface before, not sure what will apply best. Does it need to be polymeric or cast?
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Vinyl printing at home?

I'm looking to invest into a vinyl machine that would allow me to print stickers for my brand. I have a few questions on how it works, and overall pricing: If I want to print onto a clear vinyl with ...
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How to convert an Illustrator logo file for vinyl plotter

I'm in the process of creating a logo file that will be used for vinyl graphics. Never actually created such a file before, and I know some of the requirements for it, i.e. that anywhere you see a ...
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how create big vinyl banner 18" wide by 360" high [duplicate]

Help me please I need to create banner 18" wide by 360" high. Illustartor can create max 227,54 in. Its my firs so big banner. Help me please. Here GUIDELINES: 18" wide by 360" high. Keep artwork ...
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Big clear sticker for shop front window - advice

Having a new job to do which is a big illustration, 1200mm X 2400mm high for a shop front window to be printed onto clear vinyl, a big sticker. The linework will be quite bold, eg 5 - 20mm thick, in ...
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1 answer

Printing on Plastic - How is this being done?

Can someone here tell me how the images are being printed on plastic? Example: Source: ...
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6 votes
1 answer

What type of printer do I need to print small round gold stickers with perfect accuracy?

I am looking for a company to print a gold seal/sticker for my product. The problem is, all the companies I have tried can not print with the perfect accuracy I need. It needs to be water resistant, ...
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How to print HQ vinyl self-adhesive stickers

I'm doing some research and was wondering if you can help :) I'm trying to figure it out how to print (and obviously cut) vinyl stickers for cards with the size of a standard debit/credit card. I ...
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2 answers

Not so sticky vinyl for branding

I hope this is the right place. Tried Area52 for "printing" but that site is not launched yet. I have a "non sticky" situation where I need to be able to stick a model number down of a product to ...
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Get RGB/Web color values for Avery vinyl colors

I'm doing some basic web-design work pro-bono for a local charity, and I'm trying to match some colors that they use on the side of their vehicles. They use Avery vinyl in two colors and a 3m ...
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3 answers

Metallic color vinyl combined with frosted-glass-like vinyl

I'm wondering whether it's possible to get vinyl with metallic gold colour on the adhesive side? Let me explain why on the adhesive side. My application I would like to design a kitchen worktop glass ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Why can't you get one-off stickers/vinyls printed?

I am trying to find sites that can create one(or two)-off stickers/vinyls that are transparent. From what I am getting is that it may not be profitable enough to make it worth the company's time but ...
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2 answers

What term is used to refer to cut vinyl stickers?

I'm looking to have a decently sized run (anywhere from 100-1000, depending on cost) of stickers made using my company's logo. My standard sources for vinyl stickers don't seem to have options for cut ...
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How can I print vinyl stickers without using laminate?

I would like to use a consumer grade inkjet printer (entry to mid grade) to print on self-adhesive vinyl. These labels would be for outside use, so the ink could not simply sit on the surface of the ...
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Grunge effect for vinyl

As the title says what is the best way to take an existing sans serif font, such as Helvetica, and add a grunge effect to the text for die cut vinyl? I know it can be done manually but that tends to ...
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