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Questions about designing the aesthetic look of websites, both practical and theoretical. For questions about coding the structure of a website, please go to Stack Overflow. For questions about the user experience, please go to UX.SE. Ask anything related to designing graphics and visual layouts here on GD.SE.

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Which format is better for saving images intended for websites; PNG or SVG?

When exporting / saving images with a transparent background that are intended for websites, should I save it as PNG or SVG? Why?
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Is there a standard width for designing web page mockups?

Is there a standard size for the width of a website in a mockup? What is that size? Why?
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30 votes
5 answers

What is meant by "busy"?

What do web developers mean when they think something will make their site look "busy"? What gives this feel of busy-ness?
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6 votes
2 answers

How can I achieve the "bent paper" effect in photoshop?

I've seen design elements on webpages that contain a "bent paper" effect. In other words, it looks like the paper is shaped in an arch, based on the visual perception of the shadow. How do I achieve ...
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How to export PNG to be compatible with all browsers

I recently found our that some PNG files render a slightly different shade of color in Safari. (I think this is because Safari can't render PNG Gamma channel properly or what). How do I export the ...
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Save for Web using Photoshop Actions

I would like to create an action, at the end of which I would like to save the file using Save for Web option. The problem is the action is not being generic as it is remembering the static path of ...
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What DPI should be used for what situations?

I've been seeing the word 'DPI' pop up quite a lot when I export my work out in Photoshop and Illustrator. While I know that DPI stands for 'dots per inch', and that if you have too low of a DPI on an ...
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What web graphics formats to use?

Web sites can contain JPEG, GIF,PNG, SVG format graphics. Which ones should be used, and when?
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6 answers

Are "web-safe" colors still important?

Years ago, it was always strongly recommended that web designers should only use web-safe colors. Have studies been done to see if this is still the case? If so, what's the answer? Does anyone know ...
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What are standard ratios for typography on the web?

In laying out a web design, I often try to make sure that my typography is proportional and consistent. However, I haven't been able to find any definitive articles or resources on what ratios and ...
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Do high-content areas of a website need to be white/light-colored?

Many websites that are designed to be easy to read (eg. or use white backgrounds with black fonts to make the content easy to read. Is it necessary to only use light ...
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