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Questions tagged [website-templates]

Questions regarding the design and creation process of website templates.

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27 votes
10 answers

Do web frameworks such as Bootstrap or HTML5 boilerplate offer anything to a designer (not developer)?

Note, this is about design much more than development. I build sites from scratch with completely hand written CSS and HTML. I've known about pre-build css templates such as Bootstrap or HTML5 ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Simple, editable design system for clients?

I am creating a design system for a client with a focus on their marketing materials. They want to be able to make small changes and export files on their own eg. everyone month their web banner may ...
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  • 51
4 votes
3 answers

Any tips or resources for designing e-mail newsletters?

After spending hours in Photoshop I haven't found a great template I like. I love the design style of many newsletters I subscribe to.. including Smashing Magazine and Hongkiat.. but I wonder what ...
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4 votes
2 answers

How to add hidden notes to developers within designs mockups?

At a high level, I will be managing a web design team that will be working with onsite developers on a large ASP.NET project developing website, mobile website, and mobile app versions (Android and ...
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