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When designing a simple website toolbar layout in powerpoint office 16, is it possible to animate menu items to expand and collapse upon clicking?

I am designing the layout/look-and-feel of a website in Microsoft PowerPoint (Office 16) on Windows 10. The website I am designing will have a horizontal toolbar at the top that will allow the user to ...
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On Display Resolutions, Scale and Layout in Windows 10

On my last project I was designing a website in Figma and I realized there is a problem I was not so aware of. In Windows 10, at the Display Settings, there is an option for Display Resolution, this ...
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Default Windows Roboto Alternative

Somewhat similar to this question, I'm looking for an alternative to Roboto. My office is pretty locked down. I can't install any new fonts either on my machine or firmwide, but I love the look of ...
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Clip or erase portions of a spirograph shape in Inkscape?

With Inkscape v0.92 on Windows 10 I have created a cool shape with the Extensions - Render - Spirograph tool (see the image below). I would like to cut those portions of the spirograph so that I am ...
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Can't get Windows 10 font to show in PDF using Inkscape

As in the answer shown here, I'm trying to convert an SVG to PDF using Inkscape on Windows: inkscape --file=mySVGinputFile.svg --export-area-drawing --without-gui --export-pdf=output.pdf My SVG has ...
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How can I print a PDF booklet with pages the right size?

Sorry about the ambiguous title. I have a PDF file of A5 pages I'd like to print as a booklet. I have Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat and the rest of CS6 — although I didn't use it to produce the PDF. ...
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