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Questions about Windows 7, a personal computer operating system developed by Microsoft.

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Default Windows Roboto Alternative

Somewhat similar to this question, I'm looking for an alternative to Roboto. My office is pretty locked down. I can't install any new fonts either on my machine or firmwide, but I love the look of ...
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Identify font in Windows 7 shutdown with updates screen

I'm designing a Windows 7 shutdown with updates screen which resembles the stock Windows 7 screen as close as possible. The stock screen shows a message: "Installing updates. Do not turn off your ...
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corel problem help needed [closed]

I recently had a problem, I caught the virus. The virus has damaged many files fortunately most of them games. But suffered a couple of sketches needed for my work. They do not open. Sketches made in ...
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Animated Image File in Windows Live Movie Maker?

I have created an animated gif file in Imageready CS2 which I was trying to import in Windows Live Movie Maker but failed. In the net I found a way around by converting the gif into mp4. I used an ...
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