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Wireframing and copywriting, what comes first?

I feel like this is a chicken-vs-egg problem. Can you assume the client will have all the copy ready by the time you start the wireframe? Or does the client need to see the wireframe first so he/she ...
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Why is Figma not exporting all my pages?

I have two pages in my Figma project. I then hit the menu > File > Export Pages as PDF. The resulting PDF only has a single page added to it, and the other is missing. What gives?
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I am developer and started managing team. I want to learn how to create wireframe. Can anyone advice? [closed]

Basically I want to understand how everything works in respective of designers when it comes to mobile or web Development. I do not want to be designer I want to how things work so that I can work ...
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Tron style 3D wireframe matrix surface effect with Illustrator?

Remember that scene from the 1980s Transformers movie when this happened: I thought it was amazing. Anyway, I'm trying to make that retro "this is what we think the future looks like in the 80s" ...
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Are there any ways of hiding object in Figma?

I am facing problem when I need to change the icons, are there any options in figma to hide the icons or object?
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extract layers in a 1 layer psd file

I have had some wire frames designed last year, and am now working with a developer whom I've shared the .psd file with and he says the file is one layer and needs the individual layers in order to ...
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Is there a canonical way of representing parallax backgrounds in a wireframe?

I am currently working on several wireframes / mockups. The product I am designing will have a landing page with a parallax. What is the correct way of representing this in a wireframe? So far, I ...
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Wireframes of landmarks

I found these wireframe vector graphics of a few landmarks and was wondering how they were created. I doubt it was done by hand, so what kind of techniques are there to create this kind of graphic? ...
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Complex Wireframe to solid for use in Autodesk 2018

I'm working on a project for a piece of coursework with which I really need a hand. I can't figure this out and have tried looking at multiple google searches and community posts which all seem to be ...
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Images in low or high fidelity wireframes

Often I am asked to include specific sliders, large image galleries and certain stylized elements in my designs. I am not sure how to do this in the wireframe state of the process as they seem purely ...
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How to bring Illustrator CS6 file to Illustrator CC and still use CSS Extraction

If I've begun a project in Illustrator CS6 (a high fidelity mockup), can I later copy and paste this content into Illustrator CC and still expect to be able to use CC's CSS Extraction functionality on ...
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How do I create a 3d wireframe object/low poly outline illustration?

I'm trying to create something similar to the images below. I have Cinema 4D but need some guidance. Thanks :)
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Balsamiq sketch skin in Sketch App

I search to have a Balsamiq mockup skin style in the Sketch mac app. Is there a library or something else ? Thanks.
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Creating a Flowchart for Wireframes

I am kind of new to wireframing, so I might have the wrong conceptions here, but I would like to create a flowchart showing how different wireframes of an app are related to each other. The thing is, ...
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Sketch: How to best sync design elements between iOS and Android Wireframe?

I'm looking for some input on your best practices/workflows for creating app wireframes for both iOS and Android. I'm working on a project now that needs quite high fidelity wireframes for an app we ...
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UX Wireframe User Flow Scale

Thought I'd throw this out there. At which scale does everyone produce their wireframes/user flows? For mobile, I usually design at 1:1 scale using iPhone 5 dimensions (320x568), but I've found that ...
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I'm new to UI design but i've been on other artes(like web design, logo and other)

It's my first time to UI design in iOS and I was given a project app. My question is: Which is better to UI design, Photoshop or Illustrator (I love them both)? What is my resolution (and what are ...
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How Do You Present Wireframes & Designs For Long One-Page Website?

everyone! This is a problem that I've been struggling with for a minute and I thought I'd just write to see what everyone else is doing. Back in the day when we presented wireframes, we always ...
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Illustrator symbols: How to edit symbol to affect mulitiple files?

QUESTION Part 1. As far as I know, when you edit a symbol, it affects all instances of the symbol within the current document open. Is there a way to have the changes affect other documents? ...
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Is there iOS app for designing interfaces?

I need an iOS app to create wireframes of iOS interface. Are there any apps similar to Balsamiq available? I don't need apps like Marvel or POP. With those I can't prototype instantly in app.
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Suggestions for wireframing / low-fi prototyping tools

my experience with wireframing or low fidelity prototyping tools is pretty bad. All of the tools is used seemed extremly time-consuming and limited in terms of creating. You always have a fixed set ...
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Where to find interface designers on the internet?

Just to say, I'm not about to make a pitch on this site for work. I assume that is probably against the rules of the site and respect that. I just wondered if anyone has good ideas though on where to ...
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What is the difference between wireframes and mockups?

I would like to know the difference between Wireframes and Mockups. I'm hoping to gain a simple understanding of the difference or to definitively know that both are the same. I googled it but I ...
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How to create a blueprint for a website on paper?

I have been doing web design for a couple of years now. I am trying to design it on paper but am not the best at it. Could you please give me some advise on how to blueprint it? How can I create ...
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