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Questions about Cascading Style Sheets, commonly referred to as CSS. Ask anything related to implementing styles, effects or graphic-design-specific tasks. For questions about implementing structural elements or anything completely unrelated to the aesthetic look, please go to Stack Overflow.

4 votes

Adjusting diacritic in italicized combining character?

By Unicode principles, a combining mark must be appear (in data stream) after the character it is to be attached to, so the correct notation would be ω̑. Browsers often have difficulties wi …
1 vote

Adjusting diacritic in italicized combining character?

>ναι</i> The trick is to wrap the mark, turned to a spacing mark by writing a no-break space before it, in a span and this in turn, in conjunction with the base character, in an outer span, and use CSS
6 votes

Should underline clash with text descenders?

The description of text-decoration: underline in CSS 2.1 spec defines its effect just as underlining, without details, but browsers implement it as appearing just a little below the baseline. … For inline text, where you might wish to underline e.g. because you are HTML-izing printed matter that contains underlining, the normal CSS underlining is probably better – because such underlining more …
5 votes

Museo Font get distorted in browser

(If the value of the CSS font-weight property and the actual weight of the font do not match, browsers may do ugly things like algorithmic bolding. This depends on the weights and on the browser.) …
4 votes

Does Firefox support .ttc fonts?

If you need help with the quality of font rendering, you need to specify the actual font used, the full CSS code for using it, and the platform(s) on which you observed problems (font rendering varies …
3 votes

How to control word-spacing in justified text with CSS?

In addition to using text-justify, which seems to be currently supported by IE only, consider adding hyphenation, with explicit hyphenation hints &shy; and/or browser-based automatic hyphenation, usin …
2 votes

What is the ideal number of font sizes to use for a website?

As many as you like. Think about a newspaper. It may use many different sizes for headings to express relative importance. There’s no general reason why you could not do the same on web pages. For exa …