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Multiple Panorama Automation in Photoshop

Here, I slightly modified this script by Mike Hale. This script will ask for a folder and then will process all subfolders with images. Things to change: Make sure path to your Photoshop Scripts ...
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How to script resize export and specific folder output?

Lucky for you Photoshop comes with a built in script to do just this! We'll be using the IMAGE PROCESSOR script. Navigate to File -> Scripts -> Image Processor Choose your output folder ...
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1 vote

Export multiple groups in photoshop to different photos for web! Each group in Photoshop is a photo

You can just change your quick export preferences. Change Quick Export preferences By default, Quick Export generates assets as PNG with transparency and prompts you every time to select an ...
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script to do clipping mask of bulk images

You can tell PS how to rename the files it creates, when running a batch action, through the file renaming options. File > Automate > Batch Select your action, destination, file naming, and any ...
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