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Structural Diagram

Personally, I wouldn't use Illustrator's 3D extrude functionality for something like this. A simpler approach would be to create the pieces of the design manually, using the original as a guide to ...
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Replacing by GREP

Set your find to: (\s[\l\u])\s Change to: $1~S English translation: put into memory, space followed by any letter (end memory), that is followed by any space. Replace by stuff in memory followed by ...
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Structural Diagram

If you are going to make a collection of elasticity theory examples and problems you should think a few things Making drawings of 3D scenes with 2D tools needs much work. Your time can become short. ...
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Running header with first three letters

It turns out, this is quite easy to do with nested style of the paragraph style (linked with variable). Just set "3" and "letters" in the dropdown menu.
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