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Indesign, table: How to horizontally align text and object in table cell

Select the graphic using the Selection Tool and choose Object > Anchored Object > Options... and adjust the Y offset... or... Select the object as text using the Type Tool, and adjust the ...
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Adobe indesign script to apply stroke to all the frames in document

This script will select all frames and add a 3pt stroke that is black. For the script to work, the script assumes that you have a “Black” color swatch defined in your document. If you have a different ...
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InDesign Scripting: Adding a paragraph after every paragraphs of a particular style

So this screen capture: Indicates that the second line of text ends with a soft return. This seemed odd as InDesign ignores soft-returns when looking at the end of paragraphs, only considering hard-...
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Indesign Scripting: In a loop, find consecutive paragraphs with the same paragraph style

Here's some edits to your script which hopefully solves your problem: var myDoc = app.activeDocument; // The open document: the scene of the action var myParas = app.selection[0].parentStory....
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