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Questions about InDesign, Adobe's page layout application for professional print and electronic design. Ask anything related to designing projects in InDesign.

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Adobe InDesign and its companion text editing software InCopy have effectively become the standard for desktop publishing workflows. With the development of the Creative Suite as a family of applications, it has become tightly integrated with other de facto standard applications such as Photoshop and Illustrator, making for more efficient workflows and shorter design time.

With CS5 Adobe expanded InDesign's capabilities by including a full RGB workspace into the program to assist web and ePub workflows, adding not only improved ePub export, but Flash and HTML integration. CS 5.5 has continued this process with a completely rewritten ePub export, updated video and interactive features, and direct support for HTML tags in style definitions. A new Articles panel allows precise definition of the reading order for ePub and HTML exports.

InDesign also allows a high degree of automation through the XML tags and IDML (InDesign Markup Language). IDML enables entire InDesign documents to be created without the use of InDesign itself, opening up new opportunities for database-driven publications.

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