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Numbered List Ignores Placeholder Whitespace

InDesign always ignores trailing whitespace on right aligned text. It's not isolated to numbered lists. So the proposed method won't work, I'm afraid. It took me a while to understand that you are ...
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Indesign, text box that reflects file name every time I save?

I found my own answer, In a text box I placed a piece of static information and then the text variable "output date": "store 7 (output date)" I copy and pasted this everywhere I ...
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How to establish an object styles to put luminosity to an image and fill its frame? (for a pseudo-grayscale effect in InDesign)

Standard method with two Object Styles The standard way would be to have two Object Styles for this. One that adds a black background to the container frame of the image, and one that sets the ...
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How to justify table size across pages in Indesign?

Old post, but I just found this wonderful startup script: With the button on the left, you can mark the cells you want to justify and it will justify them to ...
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In InDesign, Print to pdf with Adobe PDF printer, generates low dpi pdf

Print booklet to Postscript file. Then use Distiller to file to .pdf based on a pdf-x or a high quality preset. This solution suggested by @cybernetic.nomad
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InDesign Data Merge multiple records: prevent results outside of page margins

There's no way to resolve this by just looking at your description, this is a see what works kind of problem, but maybe try to add a 1-2mm spacing between the rows (or try different values), so you ...
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is there a way to be able to tell if an InDesign file is a template after it being sent to you?

The original question was "is there a way to be able to tell if an InDesign file is a template". Seems like you are not at all interested in how to detect if a work has been built on a ...
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is there a way to be able to tell if an InDesign file is a template after it being sent to you?

No. An InDesign file is an InDesign file regardless if it started as a template or not.
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In Indesign, is there a way to delete all frames with a specific Object Style applied?

Aaaah! A script to do just what I need! Unfortunately, with InDesign 19.3, I find it gives the following error, even for object styles I am sure are in my document: "JavaScript Error! Error ...
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How do I remove unwanted Text Frame space in Indesign?

i had the same issue, and pressing 'enter' at the end of the line fixed it !
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How do I import my custom InDesign workspace to a new computer?

Solution in 2024/04: Go to File> User Settings > Export User Settings. "Export and Import User Settings" a new InDesign feature (already in version 19.4) that was introduced a few days ...
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