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That line is the baseline, it's where the characters "sit": The outer rectangle is the Text Box. If you just clicked on the screen with the Text tool selected it will create a one-line text. The lower space in the box is to accommodate the descenders of characters such as y, j, g, and the space above for the ascenders and uppercase letters. Spacing will be ...


Your problem: All planar world maps are geometrically distorted. That's an unfortunate math fact which is as unfixable as 1+2=3. The intended usage of a planar map tells which areas on the globe should get the least amount of distortion and which geometrical properties should survive best. This determines which projection is the best for a purpose. General ...


Try following: Now you have this: Turn on snapping, and add 2 more lines at the ends of rectangle: Distribute 6 lines: Finally, remove helpers:

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