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How to animate top view ceiling fan 2D

I don't know Adobe Animate but if you can animate each blade's corners individually, you might want to change their positions on a fixed interval. More the number of iterations/frames, the more smooth ...
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Can anyone suggest a program I can use to make a simple animation?

These animations might look simple because it's just solid color objects and text, but some of the movements and the transitions would take more work with the wrong tool. You're definitely on the ...
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Slideshow with embedded links

I think you can't do that with a gif format. Idk where you will apply it, but the best approach would be code it. You could use bootstrap ccarousel, that's basically a slideshow and you can put links ...
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Free Software for animating SVG

You got almost all options covered. So I can not add anything in that respect. As I understand you are making a 2D animation. If you like how Blender works, probably you should adapt your workflow a ...
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Can anyone suggest a program I can use to make a simple animation?

My five cents: Animate is used a lot for TV animation because there're adequate painting tools in it and it's simple to use. But for the examples you provided, motion design as Benedikt mentioned, it'...
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1 vote

Can anyone suggest a program I can use to make a simple animation?

While most of these videos are probably made in After Effects, it is possible to use Animate. Photoshop does animation, but with multiple layers it does get kind of complex and I'd avoid it. The ...
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Animating on a single artboard in InVision Studio?

I'm afraid that could not happen. The algorithm and the technique they are using to handle the motions and timeline is all based on the differences on start and finishing point of each object. For ...
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After Effects: Bend and animate along path

From 26m30s of this School of Motion tutorial is an explanation of using Omino Snake to bend a brush stroke along a path. May be of use.
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1 vote

Create animated gif of an arrow being hand-drawn

I think what you want is to create an SVG file. There is an excellent piece of free Windows software that does this here: Then you need something that will run SVG files as ...
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