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Animation is'nt smooth in figma. How to fix it?

In the image below you can see my whole setup. I made the component with one variant for each keyframe of the animation. to advance the animation, I used "After delay" with 1ms (just so it'...
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How to expand an animated gif without affecting aspect ratio?

This is done with Image > Canvas size: If there are many frames, you probably want a script to add the background layer to each frame. See ofn-interleave-layers here. PS: before you to anything, ...
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What formats are commonly used in animated elements on web pages?

That depends a lot. A whole lot can be achieved using the most basic web languages like CSS, other stuff is done using a canvas, others even more different. Generally, I can't tell you what 'most' use,...
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Exporting a shape and a circle

Your example shape has eight anchors, so as long as the circle has eight anchors, you should be able to make a reasonable step blend to interpolate between the two. Here's a possible method. Draw a ...
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How to preview Lottie JSON files

i use inari lottie viewer - Microsoft Store
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