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The extrusion that After Effects creates via the Geometry Options settings, doesn't really have a wireframe geometry that could be rendered in the way you need it. You will need to create the extruded element in a 3D software and then import it, as Luciano already proposed, and continue with that.


If I understand correctly you imported a 2D shape from Illustrator that just looks like a 3D shape. Right now it's as good as a bitmap for what you want; you can't extrude it or rotate it since it's essentially a flat image in a fixed 2D projection. If you want that to spin (like a cog spinning on its own axis) you need a front view of the cog, extruded in ...


In general this sort of transition is called a wipe. I might call it a "layered horizontal wipe". It's generally done by layering two images and then animating a clip path that's applied to the top image. Or you could fix the top image (so that it doesn't resize its dimensions) and animate its width. It made me think of a lot of the transitions in Star Wars ...


It does not move to the start location because that's simply not how it is works. If you need to compensate for offset the cx and cy you could add a transform. Or just remove them. In general you should avoid SMIL animations. Using alternative methods of animating that have better support (such as GSAP's motion path functionality) will be easier to use as ...

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