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The only explanation I can come with is related to Snapping, Grids and Rulers. The unexpected behavior could come from a combination of several things: You have turned on Snap to Grid. You have turned on Snap to Pixel. Your grid has unwanted settings. Check Edit > Preferences > Grid and see if Gridline every and Subdivisions is set to what you want. You ...


two steps can do it perfectly firstly make sure "snap to" is checked on from "view" menu chose "snape to grid" or snap to point" then group all images "placed files" .... resize all to desired size then the artboard... the "snap to" make it easy to get equal sizes easily.. hope you do it thanks a lot


Yes, it's possible. Since Artboards are just hacked Groups (which are just hacked layers) what you needed was a script to get data from the active layers — to be able to select them one by one and rename. Here's how you do it (in this example the function will rename all the selected artboards to "my name index"): var newName = "my name"; var ids = ...


You can change the artboard order by clicking and dragging them in the Artboards panel. Then you can rearrange them into the correct order. In the example below I have added an artboard shown as "1a" at the bottom. I want to move this between 1 and 2. Note that the names of the artboards don't matter, only the order in which they appear in the Artboards ...

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