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This is a good start, but works better if you disable all except Flood and Composite. Composite->Filter General Settings will adjust the location and size of the box in relation to the text. Composite->Effect Parameters set to Destination Over will ensure your text color isn't messed with by the background color you choose. This is great and all, but ...


If you really don't want to create a second object for the background, you can use some Appearance Panel trickery to add one.... Group the lines Add a new fill in the Appearance Panel Move the fill below the Contents in the panel With the Fill highlighted choose Effect > Convert to Shape > Rectangle Set the Options for Extra Width and Extra Height to ...


The way you have done it with a rectangle behind the group is the way to "fill" behind a "group"- this is done often- you could also group the rectangle with the lines so they could easily be moved around together. Alternately, you could combine the rectangle and the group of lines into a compound path (Object>compound path>make) so it is all one "object"- ...


You're doing it right. For a background to exist there, you need a separate white object in the exact same shape and size as your group.

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