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I would most likely stick with a company you outsource if it is just for your brand. Once you get into the nice machines it gets pricey and not worth it to DIY.


Dynamic identities The increasing ubiquity of screens allowed dynamic identities to really take off. Irene Van Nes published one of the first books (2012) about these and calls them "dynamic identities", as part of "living brands". However, MTV was one of the first brands featuring variations, as far back as 1981. These dynamic brands do not necessarily ...


I’m a graphic designer, some school and self taught and I think that if you are designing for trillion dollar companies like symamtec and the antivirus scan summary analogy; that makes sense with licensing and things to receive royalties as a designer; however, the backend of product base design royalties also leaves the gateway to understand and register ...


Absolutely you can use Black / White / Grey Scales only as an option to the real brand color. :)

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