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It's a feature of that particular font design. There is no distinction between a horizontal and slanted hyphen. Some fonts such as Adobe Garamond, Monotype Goudy, Goudy Old Style (URW), have a slanted hyphen, but the vast majority of serif fonts don't. Some also have a hyphen that looks more like a tilde, but again this is just a design choice. The reason ...


Use the Direct Selection Tool to select all the parts outside the area to fix Menu Edit > Cut Use the Join Tool to join the open path following the character shape Past in Front the cut shape and fix the open paths


You can add the 'ABC - Extended' input sources in the system preferences. Then you can type the Pinyin character easy with 'ABC - Extended'. First type option + ` and then type o, you will get the ò. option + a then type a => ā option + e then type a => á option + v then type a => ǎ option + ` then type a => à option + e then type v => ǘ

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