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How can I paint over a picture or a 3D model in Photoshop?

Imagine doing this with an actual painting – you would not be able to look under the new layer at all, so don't feel discouraged by the confusion. Work with it just as if you were painting without ...
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Logo redesign suggestions

It's funny that i found the "same" logo on google images with the search "pear from letters logo".... In my opinion, a logo that is made from the words that your client want in a shape of a pear will ...
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What is the technical branch of concept at design behind the "industrial spaceship style"?

Photorealistic 3D renderings of conceptual spacecraft. Not every iteration of art has some specific name. Most pieces are merely described.
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Logo redesign suggestions

Definitely do not use real imagery. What dimshik found is cool, but because it seems like a pretty serious company I would explore having a pear as an icon and the wordmark separate. In terms of fonts,...
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How can I prepare for a career in character design?

So for those who are interested in this path: Games and movies are a good target industry for character design. You should know it's very competitive, and in reality you probably need to know how to ...
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