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Great thanks to everybody for your replies! I found it difficult to place all the information under icons, so I ended up with aligning the first column right and the second left, as suggested by Lucian. Made 'CLASS' the same size as features. Also listed the features in one line, separated by commas, as suggested by Billy Kerr, and made their font a bit ...


This is a small item, so avoid filling precious whitespace by containing every element into its own separate box. Instead, break the design down into 2 sections for better separation between the top part (general overview) and bottom part (detailed 'specs'). For instance, you could leave the top against a white background, and only use the yellowish ...


This is an opinion based answer, and there is no right or wrong here. Generally, I quite like the basic style of it. It's very traditional in a kind of educational establishment way. However in my opinion the main problem here is the way you have listed the various features centred on two lines. I don't think there's anything wrong with the fonts. It's just ...


This is already voted as opinion-based, so here's what should be done in my opinion: black text orange icon ditch the purple recreate the icon so it has one half made of fills, and the other half, of strokes

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