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-1 you can also simply save as EPS file and then open the file in Illustrator WORKED PERFECTLY for text as well - though the text has been converted to outlines it works for my purposes


Click with the Add Anchor Point Tool. There's no automated solution for this. Photoshop is, at best, rudimentary when it comes to vector path and shape editing.


This isn't a "bug".... This is how Illustrator functions and has always functioned where Opacity Masks are concerned. A "bug" is an instance of repeatable behavior which is unexpected. What you have outlined is entirely expected behavior. Opacity Masks assume the top object of a selection should define the mask. It doesn't see "groups" So the top single ...


I think you are trying to move some color fill layers from an RGB document to an Indexed document. Go to the animation file and from the menu Image → Mode, check if Indexed is selected. If yes, change it to RGB.

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