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Your best plan is probably to take a Lynda course.


Others have mentioned the possibility of using 3D or CAD software of some kind. However just going by the diagram itself, I see nothing here to suggest it was created using those kinds of software. In fact, quite the opposite, I see perspective errors which would not be present if 3D or CAD software had been used. This is not to say 3D software couldn't be ...


What software to use is a hard question. To answer this we would need to know quite much about the context in which you are working and what you know! The first question you need to answer is do you know how to draw that thing on pen and paper? Why? Well in order for you to do this you need to go through one of several options. If you do not know how to draw ...


The drawing is a part of a presentation of an idea or structure without being a manufacturing drawing. If you are a beginner you should use a simple enough 3D modelling program for this. It makes the wanted view and plausible shading with zero effort after you have drawn the model. Your model seems easy. An experienced person gets it ready in a hour. I guess ...

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