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I highly recommend Linkedin Learning - they have courses in all areas but you can sort by industry and software.


You can not; you dont want to. It may seem like a good goal but it is not. Let me explain. Many of the tools in illustrator and software in general are emergent. Emergent means that you can not predict the outcomes of the rules beforehand. Likewise you can not predict the usefullness of a tool by knowing what it does. A lot of the really useful uses for ...


Learn on this forum. Read every question tagged Adobe Illustrator, starting with the most popular ones right here: Just reading what members are asking and answering can provide alot of in-depth knowledge. Following this 'most voted questions' logic you're likely to ...


If you really want a reference for everything within Illustrator the most complete and accurate source is the Adobe Illustrator Classroom in a Book from PeachPit Press. This is the "missing manual" that Adobe no longer provides. (PeachPit is Adobe's press house basically) It's dry, boring and tedious.. because it's a user manual essentially. But it will ...


I highly recommend Adobe Tutorials, this is the quickest and easiest way I've found to get started with any of Adobe tools.


To get started, you need a brief overview of all tools & commands available to you. Any short video off YouTube or tutorial blogs and good enough for that. For in-depth, you could go through official tutorials & options or there are even lots of blogs online sharing tips for that, BUT I wouldn't recommend that for a beginner. The first step is ...

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