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Use File > Scripts > Export Layers to Files and make sure to deactivate Trim Layers. If you need transparency use PNG-24 as format.


This had been annoying for a while as well especially since I often repurpose InDesign files for new projects. I really wish there was a way to modify this behaviour and having it ALWAYS use the current file name as the export name. @Lars: The easiest method I found is the double click on the current file when exporting my work hence grabbing the whole name ...


I've had this problem too. It's a visual mistake in the PDF viewer. If the line is too thin it doesn't show it on the PDF. If you make the line thicker it should show up in the PDF.


I wanted to throw out a shout for ORA (OpenRaster) format here for anyone who is looking. This format likely does not support all photoshop specific features, but it aims to support the general representation of a layered raster graphics format with metadata in a very simple and reusable format for programmers to work with. All ...


Rounding errors I suppose. In your SVG export dialogue, did you set Decimal Places to 0 or 1? Add a higher value for decimal places, default should be 3. For such a tiny drawing (32x32px) I'd recommend even more (like 6).


You can use the take screenshot button in bodymovin as a svg.

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