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Try using Live Paint Bucket Tool.


Possibly moving the stroke below the fill in the Appearance Panel will correct the issue.... or combine the text into one shape, or compound shape, as opposed to a collection of shapes.


Assumption: The background fill is created via the Appearance panel and the Convert to Rectangle effect. As described here. Note that for this effect to work well, you should start with straight horizontal, unrotated, text. Rotate it after it has been created using the effect described below. Effect > Distort & Transform > Transform... Will rotate ...


This is not a fully automated approach, but it may help you. Anything more automated would likely require scripting. Draw a rectangle, and click on the outline with the Area Type tool to add some text to the shape. Use the Direct Selection tool (A), to select the box, open the Appearance Panel and change the fill. Select the text with the Text Tool, and ...

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