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I don't know the exact font but I have a few ideas for your project (would really like to know what font it is though): Period accurate geometric sans serifs for a jumping off point: Univers - 1957 Futura - 1927 Also a condensed geometric font like Gotham Condensed (based on Futura but made in the 2000s) may give you the effect you want. For the nixie ...


Possibly worth looking at which appears to have been designed as a 'nixie alike' font. Though it puts a foot on the '1' in ultralight(but not on other font weights) and has a closed '4'. And of course it is not free. Of course it depends where your nixie tubes were made... if they are genuine Nixie or ...


Here are a few options that you may find useful: Code Light Regular NeutraTextTF-LightAlt Brandon Grotesque Thin Gotham Thin


One family I've recently noticed is the TT Chocolates and the Extra Light looks pretty close to what you need, but note the '1' in the image below is replaced with an uppercase 'i' (as suggested by Chris H in the comments below).

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