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Some research in the GitHub comments and on Google Fonts revealed that the font actually is Ubuntu in the Bold 700 style:


I use "HACKED". It is slightly different, but gives interference.


A question like this comes up every other month! These fonts are always custom to the device manufacturer. They're never retail fonts. It looks like some kind of weird monospacing based on Bookman and some other nineteenth-century fonts. Maybe check out the Latin-alphabet characters of some font really intended for typesetting Far Eastern languages where all ...


I can't find an exact match, which suggests it might be a custom design, or perhaps an existing font (or a mix of 2) which has been modified. For a quick and dirty solution you could auto trace it using vector editing software, such as Adobe Illustrator or free software such as Inkscape. Or, depending on how good your lettering skills are, and how much ...


I believe it is a mix of two fonts: Akrobat Black: Gear Proportion Regular1: In the below image you can see the different fonts. The top row is your original image. Second row is Akrobat Black. Third row is Gear Proportion. Final row are Akrobat and Gear properly sized and overlayed ...


If your goal is to reproduce the logo here, I would suggest you find a typeface close to the logo and then convert it to vector shapes to customize some parts of the word. I think 'Decima+ Bold' is very close to the original. You just need to work on the 'R' and squish the 'O's Hope this helps.


I donwloaded a trial and at the preferences it says it's Menlo

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