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M,E., The font appears to be: Orqquidea Sans Demi BoldbyPeGGO Fonts or: Contax Pro 75 Bold SCbyType Innovations These do not appear to be free however you may want to search for non-commercial use options.


As @copilot rightly points out, even modern receipt printers tend to use a small set of bitmap fonts stored in firmware and you are only transmitting control characters and the type as data to the device. You will have better luck training on a variety of typefaces, but probably "near letter quality font" and "daisy wheel typeface" are good googling choices ...


I can't tell you what the exact font is, but you can use Merchant Copy to simulate receipts, it's actually pretty decent.


Renogare Font, via Note: there are some differentiation between characters because each logo has some formal adjustments like the c in comedy and the extended f 's horizontal and curved stroke to get a better legibility.

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