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Garamond Bold Condensed and Britannic Bold Regular come close with some adjusting (Excuse the misspelling)


A reverse image search brings up the design archive this came from, as well as some details. It's CS Beta Bold Judging from the details provided by the archive, you likely won't be able to obtain a license for this family.


I think it's either Amston Villa or Bulgatti Regular With some manual vector tweaks after the fact. Hope that helps.


I think it may be this one. Either 'Silk-serif Semi-Bold' or 'Silk-serif Medium' It looks more like the Semi Bold.


It's ニューシネマ B from Fontworks, manually slanted (Japanese fonts usually don't come with oblique). There's also ニューシネマ A which has more "orthodox" shapes, but if I don't see wrong, the glyphs have stencil cut-outs so that I can identify to the other. This kind of typeface is categorized as シネマフォント "cinema font", which emulates the lettering style of (...


Simplified Arabic Fixed, this is common in typed simplified sheet music.

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